Her Name is His Password Lyrics

The one thing Marcus has never failed at in life is to feel worthless and alone. "Why the fuck won't she love me?" he thinks As he wanks from behind the safety of a gap in her curtain. It makes him furious that her happiness does not include him. Marcus stares intently at Lucy's fat naked figure Even after all this time her name is still his password. She has always had a grip on his heart that he just cannot shake off. He feels doomed without her. Sometimes it tears him apart, thinking of all her one night stands. He has watched her sleep with 4 different guys in the first 6 months of this year alone he wonders if that makes her a slag or if it's considered normal. Fuck it, it's his turn now He's not going to kill her, just rape her and steal her panties. As he enters her room their eyes meet for the first time since college Lucy raises her arm and shoots him in the dick, the heart and the head.