At Least We Can Be Remembered Lyrics

This feeling is worse than anything you have ever felt
that itch of wanting to be famous but knowing
you never will be

Nothing ever works out for Justin.

He has not taken his Lithium for months now.
and every fibre of his being wants to be a loved celebrity.

But from every blissful dream of fame
he wakes up alone in his shitty one bed apartment to TV adverts featuring
uneducated stars and their adoring fans.

28 years old now, time is getting on.
He hates everyone around him.

It seems like everybody is a celebrity now a days

Enough is enough.

– Martin and Anne’s new relationship status
got over 50 likes on Facebook

Enough is enough.

Justin received only 2 likes for his Doom 2 screenshots

That’s why this morning he’s driving to work with a shotgun.

“We can’t all be celebrities but we can at least be remembered”
He says to himself as he parks crooked in the boss’s space.
– Today everyone finishes early.