Smoke Meth Everyday Lyrics


Raymond’s canvas bag is brimming with litter, a nappy, a shoe, and some cigarette butts to name a few items.

He used to like spending time with his family but now he is into Meth
and prefers to get high and rummage through dumpsters.

He has a heavily scabbed face & has not slept for 12 days
But Ray feels fantastic as always

He’s heading to his ex-wife Trish’s house again
he wants to wow her with
his latest findings
or just wank
over her clothes
if she is not home
He arrives through a fucking window in a flurry of broken glass and blood,
because he did not notice the open front door

Looking feral and smelling like shit, Ray explains:

“Trish I’m a changed man and I think thank we should
get back together again”

She replies with two gunshots to his witless face,
blowing his meth addled brains all over the
cream carpet of the house he used to own.