A Man of Leisure Lyrics

That feeling,
when your girlfriend cuts up your
heart by fucking some other guy.
– Jeremy lives for that

His flat it stinks of stale cigarettes
and human decomposition.
It’s littered with take away boxes
and empty cola cans.

Unemployed for years,
he’s a man of leisure.

His girlfriend Jess was promiscuous
and he loved to suffer the humiliation of her infidelity.

She died 6 months ago
but Jez still makes
the relationship work.

This evening 1 PC monitor lights the bedroom as
Jez watches from a corner while Simon
goes hell for leather on her withered cunt.
Making sure not to put too much weight on her fragile body.

Masturbating and sitting on a decaying swivel chair, Jez sips a can of beer and cums into a tissue

“Life is good”