Ugly & Horny Lyrics

Marcus was a tubby white haired tribute to depravity
no sick pleasure was unknown to him
he especially hated pretty girls
because they never had the time of day for him

usually he’d spend his time on the internet
masturbating to porn

and eating pot noodles


he wanted to feel his finger tip against
the asshole of a petite tanned trophy girl
he wanted to flounder his pale mass atop a young lass
and cum inside her

piggy eyes fall upon tonight’s choice
hand picked from a quiet street

she is sat
with hands and feet tied
fake tan & sweat
stained the white rope

“You look like a fucking Oompa-Loompa with your fake
makeup and your tan” He was no stranger to kids films

his stubby cock springs free into the night air

“Do you know what this is?”
“It looks like a penis, only smaller” she says

Marcus was visibly hurt, physically shocked by her wit
he felt hot and could not think

He couldn’t stop himself from choking her
throat, until her neck broke

Another night spoiled