All In A Day’s Work Lyrics

It’s 9am
Steven’s ready, another day at work

He’s the eyes and ears of the company

noisily he breaks in through the bathroom window

It’s Janine’s place
she works in admin and is overweight

“It’s ok I’m with the company!” Steven tries to explain.

She won’t listen
Steven has an erection
and he’s wearing just a shirt and tie

Steve is 100% insane,
he was fired six years ago

and now he’s angry
’cause she won’t defecate in front of him

he remembers she was a stuck up bitch even years ago

Fuck it

45 minutes to remove her head using
the scissors from on top of the sink

It’s a shame she didn’t have
time to put her fucking makeup on

He places it on the toilet seat,
she can watch as he
fucks her body anally

Her asshole looked surprisingly small and it grips him tight

He twitches a few drops of semen inside her.
gives her head a cheeky little wink,

It’s all in a day’s work.