Fun With Bath Salts Lyrics

130mph down the motorway William loves cars almost as much As he loves partially cannibalizing young women He hasn't washed for days and is high on bath salts Gemma's in the back with both of her ass cheeks chewed off Her flesh still stuck between his crooked teeth His mind is racing and he's not making much sense. This is excited delirium. "I wish Clarkson was here for this" - he screams Sirens scream behind the car and blue lights flash frantically the fuzz are right behind. But this deranged freak hasn't even noticed. Right now the wind is in his hair and he hasn't a care in the world Head on he smashes, into a school bus. Somehow, the assless bitch crawls to safety through a broken window. "CALL ME SOMETIME BABY!!" - William shouts through a smashed face and flames "WE MUST DEFINITELY DO THIS AGAIN SOMETIME!"