Unreleased EP from 2013 – “Intravenous Bleach Injection”

Posted 05 Feb 2017 in Uncategorized
While I wait for the new cover art for this years EP to come back (decided to scrap the one I already had and get another one done) here is some really old material that I never got round to properly releasing. It's a mini 3 track EP which was recorded between 2012 - 2013 then mixed by the man himself Dave Chang. Download it below Thy Flesh Consumed - Intravenous Bleach Injection Cover Art (DOWNLOAD HERE) Track list: 1. Intravenous Bleach Injection 2. Inseminated With Parasites (featuring James "Lubbock" Lovett from Pain Penitentiary (https://www.facebook.com/painpenitentiary) on high vocals) 3. Conceived In Norwich (featuring Manuel Hiller from Delirium - Franconian Pagan Metal (https://www.facebook.com/DeliriumFranken/?fref=ts) on high vocals) - More news to come on the next release "Her Name is His Password" soon.
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