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Really happy to announce the very first Thy Flesh Consumed CD will be released via UKEM Records on 16.03.18. Click Here For Pre-Orders "Previously only available as an online release, UKEM Records now bring you the cd release of the bands latest effort as well as 3 bonus tracks from earlier releases. CD & CD+SHIRT package deals (Limited to 15, 3 of each shirt size) available! Track List: At Least We Can Be Remembered Get High Or Die Trying Her Name Is His Password Sewer Dweller All In A Days Work Intravenous Bleach Injection"

Live Clip -At Least We Can Be Remembered

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What happened with Matt Hoban?

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Unreleased EP from 2013 – “Intravenous Bleach Injection”

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While I wait for the new cover art for this years EP to come back (decided to scrap the one I already had and get another one done) here is some really old material that I never got round to properly releasing. It's a mini 3 track EP which was recorded between 2012 - 2013 then mixed by the man himself Dave Chang. Download it below (DOWNLOAD HERE) Track list: 1. Intravenous Bleach Injection 2. Inseminated With Parasites (featuring James "Lubbock" Lovett from Pain Penitentiary ( on high vocals) 3. Conceived In Norwich (featuring Manuel Hiller from Delirium - Franconian Pagan Metal ( on high vocals) - More news to come on the next release "Her Name is His...

Thy Flesh Consumed – Get High or Die Trying

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"Live like a man who is dead already, no fear whatsoever of anybody or anything"

New EP – “Life Is Good”

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*I want to clarify, at the moment Thy Flesh Consumed is entirely a one man band! I have written and recorded the last two EP's myself (All In A Day's Work and the latest one Life Is Good). The new EP "Life Is Good" is now available online thanks to Slam Worldwide you can listen to the whole the thing below: Track list: 1. A Man Of Leisure 2. Sewer Dweller 3. Smoke Meth Every Day - All tracks written and recorded by Callum Weaver